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What they don't train you for in school...

So, the other night, I am getting ready to place a texas cath (condom urinary catheter) on an older guy with parkinson's. He asked to be cleaned first, and as it would improve adhesion of the cath, I think nothing of it. As I start to clean the area, the bas*&#d grabs the back of my head and starts to pull it toward his lap. I pull away, think he's done being fresh, and go to place the cath, to which he grabs my forarm and starts moving it as if to pleasure himself. And this guy was strong (muscle weakness my ass!). That's when he started saying "please" and "orgasm." I go to pull my arm away to go get help, and he digs in, not letting go. I finally say "Sir let go of my arm right now." and manage to wrestle it out of his grip, throw the covers over him, and go get help.

I was traumatized...of course later, he says he's sorry to me(as*hole), then denies it to my supervisor (who does not believe him, as he says he hopes no one tells his wife or daughter). At least my DON is behind me, and even sent an email yesterday to check up on me.

I would expect this to happen to some cute little female identified nurse, but me??? Unless he's into people who look like 12 year old boys...

Sometimes I really hate urology.....
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