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Hello out there!!


I am an out RN at work. clearly this community needs some more members cause queers rule!! HEEHEE. I work on a Respiratory/caridac floor in a....get this...... catholic hospital!! My floor takes trachs, vents, chestubes, and cardiac arrythmias/surgeries. It is basically an ICU step down unit. Unfortunatly all the queers I know at work.. well lets just say I dont want to socialize with them after work..I am not proud of ALL of us.. But I do know a few queer RN students. I will talk to them about joining. I think this is important. I face the problem of the Little old lady asking me what my husband does ect.. and the decision as to whether I will correct them or ignore it cause they are gonna forget in about 10 minutes anyway Hee Hee. anyhoo... Maybe some new blood in this communtiy will help those that I see lurking interact. Community is important!!
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