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This online medical term. course is killing me... I'm so confused with a lot of these terms... and the way the questions are worded. Anyways I cross posted this... I just need help figuring out which one of these is the answer...

The word root for stupor is:

Any ideas? I can't find any of the words in my friggen index & I even tryed an online dictionary along with my medical dictionary with no success.

Myles Anthony
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Narc. You can remember this by remembering that narcotic drugs can produce stupor, and the technical name for "the bends", which produces stupor and pseudo-drunkenness, is nitrogen narcosis.

Coma goes way beyond "stupor", and anyway it's a word in itself, not a word root (or at least I've never heard it used as a combining form). Crypt- means "hidden" as in cryptorchidism ("hidden" or undescended testes); "alges" is the word-root for "pain" as in "analgesia" (an-, lack of; -algesia, pain.