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Got an offer!!!!

So, after a marathon round of interviewing (4 hospitals in 2 days, meeting with anywhere from 2-5 people at each), I have 1 definite offer for Telemetry at Abington. So, at least I have a job!


I am holding out until Monday, though, for Pennsylvania Hospital. Even though it is Med/Surg, and I didn't really want to start there, it is at least Ortho/Neuro, and a city hospital (where they will be more like to be someone else who looks like me). Plus better fringe benefits...

Anyone who reads, please keep fingers crossed...though I am strictly guided by Karma. If Abington is the hospital I'm supposed to start in, then I won't hear from PA hosp. If I am supposed to be there, it will happen. I scheduled the NCLEX today...August 13th, 9am!!!!!

Shameless plug for great books, that have really helped me the past couple of years, and I wish they had been around before:

"How to Survive and Maybe even Love Nursing School" by Kelli Dunham, and its follow up "How to Survive and Maybe even Love your life as a Nurse" by Kelli Dunham and Staci Smith.

Both are chock full of great tips, advice, and some humor. A definite must read, whether you are just beginning school, or almost finished.

I figured since I started this group, I would put something helpful in here.

Well, off to enjoy the evening...
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