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Got an offer!!!!

So, after a marathon round of interviewing (4 hospitals in 2 days, meeting with anywhere from 2-5 people at each), I have 1 definite offer for Telemetry at Abington. So, at least I have a job!


I am holding out until Monday, though, for Pennsylvania Hospital. Even though it is Med/Surg, and I didn't really want to start there, it is at least Ortho/Neuro, and a city hospital (where they will be more like to be someone else who looks like me). Plus better fringe benefits...

Anyone who reads, please keep fingers crossed...though I am strictly guided by Karma. If Abington is the hospital I'm supposed to start in, then I won't hear from PA hosp. If I am supposed to be there, it will happen. I scheduled the NCLEX today...August 13th, 9am!!!!!

Shameless plug for great books, that have really helped me the past couple of years, and I wish they had been around before:

"How to Survive and Maybe even Love Nursing School" by Kelli Dunham, and its follow up "How to Survive and Maybe even Love your life as a Nurse" by Kelli Dunham and Staci Smith.

Both are chock full of great tips, advice, and some humor. A definite must read, whether you are just beginning school, or almost finished.

I figured since I started this group, I would put something helpful in here.

Well, off to enjoy the evening...
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Are you going to the release party for Kelli Dunham's book?
I didn't know you were we know each other?

And you should come to the book realease's going to be crawling with queer RNs!

Keep us up to date on the job happenings! How is studying for the NCLEX going?
Yup, local (for the last 12 years now anyway), but I do not believe we've met.

Don't think I can make the party. My wife is riding in the MS 150 ride the next morning, so we are pretty tied up to the house that night. Sounds like a hoot though.

Studying is fun...I have a 10 week course all organized for myself, covering all areas, and reviewing all the stuff I forgot to remember...
Congrats! City hospitals usually are better. Being mistaken as a man about 99% of the time myself until someone hears my voice, I work at a city hospital and we have quite the collection of gay and lesbian (especially butch/trans) nurses. It takes a lot of the stress off of worrying if someone will try something stupid against you.