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Sorry I've neglected this....

School has been so nuts for the last few months. But, I am ALMOST DONE!!!!!
No more papers, clinicals, internship (in the ER, it was so cool), dorky polyester uniform, care plans, teaching plans, or interacting with fellow students that annoy me. Only NCLEX review and HESI testing. I will have a 3.97gpa, and be outta here with my GN (temp liscence to practice in PA) in 3.5 weeks!

Needless to say, very excited.

Now if I could only find a freakin job!


Anyhoo, just thought I would put a few words down, as I actually thought I would have time to post in here, and senior year got nuts!

Hope everyone else is hanging tough, and we'll see how the new boards work our (with the new format questions.....)

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