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Havent Been Here In A While...

School. School. School. Honestly. That and my Boyfriend. I have maybe a grand total of 3 hours to sleep on average a night. So ill update on school. It is awesome I am having a blast and I can not wait to start my RN Courses. Right now im getting ready to start so im touching up on math and earning random highschool credits. I earned 2 credits in 5 weeks. And I have a 3.6 GPA. I am not pleased with this and will be working twice as hard until December to get it to a 4.0. Hmm. So yeah. There it is. Thats school in a nutshell.

A lot of people know I am trans. Either they guessed or ive told them. Ive basically decided im gonna let people know if they ask. Why not? Ive only been discriminated against 3 times, 2 of which the people were scared and confused and just needed me to clear some stuff up. And the 3rd time the guy was older. I dont want to change anyones oppinions I just want to be myself. No ones gonna stop me. Ok I think thats good for now. Mainly everything else (classes, friends, fam, etc etc) is in my journal if you wanna read ill add you of course ^.^

Hope everyone is well.

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Your best bet is AOL im signed on 24/7 if you wanna chat on a diff messenger comment and ill sign on. Moo. :)

Myles Anthony <333
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